An exclusive Leading and Learning with character Webinar

Dealing with Difficult Challenges

Presented by
Earl Morrison

Here is What You'll Learn


To provide training and tools to participants in order to grow their leadership potential. To aid in the personal growth of each participants leadership development through understanding and interaction with proven methods and experience. This program is designed for all individuals no matter the level of influence or leadership position. 

Learning Objectives

Difficult challenges and tragedies will bring out the best and worst in people. Learn what the role of the leader is during a crisis or challenging situation. Understand that leaders must be willing to make difficult decisions during a crisis that other people may not understand at the time. Recognize that leaders must be willing to hold people accountable even during a crisis. Discover warnings that leaders need to be on the look out for that other people will try to take advantage of during a challenging situation. 

Webinar Length

40 minutes


About Earl Morrison

Leading and Learning with Character owner Earl Morrison has been in Law Enforcement since 2000. He has served in a variety of roles including Police Chief, Lieutenant, Sergeant, Detective, and Patrolman. Before becoming a police officer Earl was a correctional officer for the Texas Department of Criminal Justice for six years. He also spent three years in the U.S. Army and three years in the Texas Army National Guard. Earl has held several leadership positions in his private life within the church community as a Men’s group leader and church Elder, and within the city community as Chairman of the Board for the city’s Employee Credit Union. 

In addition to holding numerous certifications through the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement, he earned a Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice from Lamar University and a Master's in Criminal Justice from the University of Houston. He is a graduate of the Leadership Command College at Sam Houston State University. Earl is a public speaker and author. His first book, Leadership Lessons Learned: Leading and Learning with Character was published in 2018 and his second book, Mentoring for Life was published in 2020. Earl lives with his wife, Penny and their four children in Oklahoma.